We specialize in counseling! Our counseling sessions are designed to assist you in meeting your goals using the best therapeutic approach to accomplish the greatest successful outcome. We want you to feel satisfied that your goal has been identified and your needs are addressed to your satisfaction. We work with you to find a personalized plan to assist you in working through whatever your concerns are by providing an emotionally safe environment and the knowledge, skills and insight necessary to assist you. We work with individuals, couples and families to find resolutions on a wide range of personal and mental health issues. We are able to offer In-house Counseling or Teletherapy in the safety of your own home! We have many therapists who work with a spectrum of age groups and populations and have experienced great success in matching clients with counselors and the therapeutic modality that is right for them. We even offer tele-play therapy for children! We are fully aware of the unique struggles people experience, which are currently being challenged even more at this difficult time. Please don't hesitate to reach out to us, we can help you get through whatever challenges you are facing. We are ALL here for YOU! Dr. Becky, Carolyn, Stacie, Becky B., Cailah, Sandi, Casi, Courtney, & Tammie!

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