The Ontario Feral Cat Project began in 2009 at the request of the Ontario Police Department. After several months of fund-raising and some great support from the City of Ontario, we did our first trapping on November 5, 2009. Since then we have TNR'd over 3,400 cats! ​Although not part of our original mission, homing adoptable cats and kittens has become a large part of what we do. In 2015 we purchased a building at the corner of NW 2nd Street and NW 1st Avenue. This purchase was made possible through a generous gift from the estate of Miss Constance McCullough. We named the building after her, the Constance McCullough House. You can find more about Constance McCullough by clicking the building name. Since the project started we have found permanent homes for more than 900 cats and kittens!

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