What's an Essix Retainer?

What's an Essix Retainer?

Straighter teeth can help you feel more confident in your smile, but metal braces aren’t the only way to achieve them! There are many different options to help people straighten their teeth, each offering benefits that appeal to different patients. The Essix retainer is one dental device that can help you straighten your smile or maintain results after an orthodontic treatment. 

Basics of an Essix Retainer

When you hear the word “retainer,” you might picture an uncomfortable-looking metal device. Luckily, the Essix retainer is made entirely of smooth and comfortable plastic. This makes it much easier to wear than its metal counterpart. This retainer is a shell that is custom-made to fit the patient’s teeth perfectly. This system is designed to either slowly and gently move the teeth into a straighter position or maintain results after the teeth have been straightened through orthodontic treatment.

Benefits of an Essix Retainer

As mentioned above, the Essix retainer is made out of plastic, which makes it much more comfortable than other options. This type of retainer is also removable, so patients can easily pop it in before bed and pop it back out in the morning when they are ready to start the day.

Caring for an Essix Retainer

After getting an Essix retainer, you should ask your dentist how you can properly care for it. Your dentist will likely tell you that you should only use cold water to rinse your retainer and that you should always rinse it off before putting it in your mouth and after removing it. You should also invest in a retainer cleaning system to help keep your Essix device in good shape.

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