Everything You Need to Know About Auto Recalls

When something has as many moving parts as a vehicle does, it’s to be expected that problems would occur from time to time. An auto recall notice can be issued by the manufacturer for the purpose of fixing faulty equipment, such as air bags or tires. Auto recalls may also be initiated by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) if they determine that a vehicle or any of its components do not meet rigorous safety standards.

Being Notified of Recalls

If there is a recall issued that affects your vehicle, you will be notified by the manufacturer. You should receive a written recall notice in your mailbox. However, in order to receive these notices, you must ensure that your vehicle registration (including your mailing address) is up to date. Just in case, you might also want to register for e-mail notifications available from the NHTSA. You can enter your vehicle’s information to receive recall notices that affect you.

Following the Directions

You should always read the recall notice carefully if you receive one. It will specify what the problem is and encourage you to contact your local dealership promptly to schedule a repair. The recall notice will also let you know if there are any safety precautions you should take while waiting for your appointment. Note that all safety recall repairs are made free of charge. Your dealership should not give you a bill for the service, as the manufacturer must assume all costs. 

Reporting Safety Concerns

An investigation is generally opened when a certain number of reports have been made about the same safety issue for the same make and model of vehicle or the same type of auto equipment. If you believe your car or its equipment is affected by a defect, but there is no open recall notice, you can report your concerns to the NHTSA. This can help other people stay safe.

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