5 Myths About Couples Counseling

Relationships bring joy to your life, yet they are also hard work. Over time, it is common for couples to grow apart and start acting like enemies more than lovers. When problems become too big to solve on your own, couples counseling is an option that allows you to get to the heart of your issues. However, it is important to dispel these common myths about couples counseling that serve as barriers that get in the way of couples getting the help they need to be happy.

Our Problems Are Beyond Fixing

It is normal to feel as though your relationship problems are insurmountable. This is especially true if one or both of you have broken the trust in your partnership. The great news is that counselors have seen and heard it all. They can help you deal with major issues such as infidelity or struggles blending your family.

One Person Gets Blamed For Everything

While it is true that things will be revealed during your counseling sessions, you should know that a counselor will never single either one of you out. It takes at least two people to be in a relationship, and that means that you will both take equal responsibility for working through your issues.

Only Married Couples Go To Counseling

Couples counseling is for everyone. In fact, it is often recommended for couples to attend premarital counseling to make sure they start their wedded life on the right foot. Gay and lesbian couples are also welcome, and many people find counseling helpful when they are still dating.

Counselors Decide If Your Relationship Should End

Couples sometimes do decide to call it quits after going through counseling, but they tend to have more amicable breakups than those who don’t try to mend their relationship. A counselor will also never tell you that you should get a divorce since their primary goal is to help you work through your relationship problems.

Couples Counseling Works Like Magic

If only it were as simple as having a counselor wave a magic wand, since everyone would be happy in their relationships. The truth is that couples counseling does take work as you and your partner learn how to mend your relationship through better communication. The effort is worth it though since you will see improvements in your partnership with each new session.

There are many myths out there about couples counseling, and it is important to be able to understand the truth. From helping couples decide if they are ready to commit to providing insight into major challenges that affect your partnership, a couples counselor is always ready to guide you through the process of improving your relationship.

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