5 Acidic Things To Limit In Your Diet

Acidic foods and drinks are considered to have less than a 6.9 pH on the pH scale. Most foods reside on the acidic side. Acidic foods and drinks can cause damage to your organs and your teeth. It could be the cause of skin problems and overtime increase the risk of cancer. Five foods and drinks that are lowest on the pH scale are:

Pickled Items

Water is leeched out of the soon to be pickled in a brining process, then they are left to swim in vinegar and salt and in addition acidic ingredients are added. These processes make pickles one of the worst foods for your teeth.


Cranberries are lean mean antioxidants, they are great for your body, drink through a straw when possible. These berries are anti-cancer, anti-inflammatory, they contain high vitamin C and a number of other ingredients great for your health. Your tooth enamel and high doses of Vitamin C (ascorbic acid) do not get along well.


Alcohol itself is neither an acid or a base on its own, but as it interacts with different substrates it can be either. This depends on type of alcohol and what you mix with it. Wines are very acidic, they have fruits and go through a fermentation process like pickles. It will give you dry mouth, this increases mouth bacterium, that damage your teeth, it also, increases your chances for mouth, throat and GI cancers.


Coffee beans naturally contain many acidic compounds. It also depends on how the beans are processed for consumption.

Tomato Products

Tomato products are culprits for many reasons and span many products. They often have added vinegar and sugar. You hear of many people avoiding these for both their teeth and tummy health.

If you regularly eat these foods, you may be missing tooth enamel. If you are concerned about missing enamel, stop by Valley Family Health Care Center, where you'll be able to find answers to any of your health related questions and needs.